One’s search for meaning

Is actually at odds or in conflict with

The lack of meaning

Acceptance of this

And just moving on and along

Yet rebel against this

At the very same time

Intentional and bizarre behavior

That purposely fights against

The very human tendency

To seek value and meaning in life

And human ability somehow

To find any at all

That is falling flat on one’s face

After the apparent fall

And simply living and staying there

Yet okay with just dropping the ball

And not caring what lies ahead

As one would believe

That they are better off dead and instead of

Grabbing life by the horns

And finding true reasons to live

Instead of deciding that

Your fate has been already sealed

To not give up and throw in the towel

But rather find a way

Of doing more than just existing

And stop resisting anything

That has to do with hope and positivity

And forego the tendency

Through your own proclivities

Often times regularly

And constantly being

Irrational and illogical

Ignoring the factual yet embrace the probable

Seeing life as meaningless and with nothing to offer

And staying at odds with the natural order of things

To everything that this involves and associated with

And to what it can bring

For critical and radical thinking

Is frozen and continues to freeze

A walking zombie and comfortable staying asleep

As rational explanation has failed

For this type of person

Truly feels compelled

To only live and stay right here

No matter what or despite

What life can offer or give

But the very air that you breathe is life

Along with every heartbeat

As you shun the light

Choosing darkness and confusion

Over hope and what is right

To gain and gather a different perspective

In order to leave the box and prism

So that this would allow one

To leave the psychosis of absurdism



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