Lucid Dreams



For I am fully aware

Of the state that I’m in

A dream state that seems very real

And happening indeed

But I know that I’m still dreaming

Although seamlessly

Traveling along in a world

That appears to be clear

And one that is difficult to leave

For I sincerely revere

That aura and environment

Surrounding me

And being on a journey

That only I can experience and see

And in here

I can be whatever I want to be

For I am in control

But staying here much too long

Can eventually takes its toll

For I choose this as my reality

And thinking how inconvenient it is

To have to keep revisiting

The very place that I never want to leave

Bright and luminous

Vibrant and inviting

Narrating and navigating

This very unique and fascinating dream

And everything that resides here

Is truly what it seems

For one would have to be present

To actually understand what I mean

As I’m sleeping and basking

Walking and living

In lucid dreams


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