Paved Vibrations



Dark and solid 

And spreading everywhere 

With a pulse that beats 

Carrying on forever it seems 

With every presence 

That lives and breathes 

Walking and running 

Sliding and rolling 

Along every lane 

Whether happy or sad 

Healthy or in pain 

And seen through the eyes daily 

With memories that circle the brain 

And through it all 

This one single entity remains 

And to some this very piece  

May seem strange 

But I feel the vibes of many things 

That are all around me 

The sensations and vibrations 

In the air and on the ground 

And focusing on them  

All around and in a quiet still place 

Is where I can always be found 

As most of the time 

I choose the private corner and space 

Of silent segregation 

But then walk outside 

To the environment around 

Reach down and touch 

Yet feel the natural energy 

Just coursing through  

The very streets of a dark hue 

And in close proximity 

With a scattered connection 

That I took the time to feel 

The paved vibrations 


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