Paved Vibrations (Part 2)

Final Version




Living simplified 

And wanting to forego 

Any complications 

That makes this so 

Kneeling down to the ground below 

And touching with both hands 

So that I can feel and know 

The very things underneath 

And embrace that which 

I can and cannot see 

Feeling the pulse and breathing 

Of a natural but surface heartbeat 

Wrapped in concrete and dark colors 

Yet so oblivious to many others 

For it takes us sometimes 

To just simply slow life down 

In order to actually feel the things 

That surrounds us all 

Naturally from rise and fall 

Through the senses given 

And use them all 

For we are more connected 

To this world in more ways than one 

Channeled through the air 

And our very feet 

Both seen and done 

Not always discreet or mainly just for fun 

Feeling unique sounds and pulses 

That tend to course all around 

Like the very blood in our veins 

And though this piece may seem strange 

I’m just thinking outside of the box 

And trying to rearrange my thoughts 

To become more aware of my surroundings 

In every way that I can 

And through more natural forms that this takes  

I am game to see it through 

For I just can’t wait 

To connect in enough ways for two 

Changing my many perceptions and one eyed views 

As I continue to accrue 

More abilities to accept what I choose 

And the power to move about  

With or without shoes 

Turning myth into a reality 

That I hope that more than just me 

Will actually take part in and see 

Experience the unorthodox 

And bypass the ordinary 

A mental and emotional formation 

That will be enhanced physically  

Along with a natural correlation 

And will look at the environment  

Along with the many streets  

Very differently going forward 

And each time that you move towards 

Its presence and surface area 

That we see on the daily 

And cruise over nightly 

This firm foundation 

As you and I

Tune more into 

The paved vibrations 


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