The Bicycle



The two-wheeled vehicles 

And the minimalistic approach 

To personal transportation 

With many stories attached 

Involving sport and recreation 

Carrying nothing at all 

Or with a bag or tote 

Helmet or without 

As this vehicle has been around 

For a very long time 

Without one iota of doubt  

And has written its very own history 

Regarding but fun and travel 

Yet so simplistic and no mystery 

And has moved across many terrains 

From both smooth to gravel 

With a very subtle radiance 

Using mostly human power 

To drive and operate this conveyance 

As this gets it to move 

And learning how to ride one 

Was a turning point in our youth 

And would enjoy this vehicle 

For many years to come 

Just riding them around 

In both moon and sun 

Night and day 

And has evolved to a degree 

As electric comes this way 

But the principal design 

Still remains in tact 

And the main architecture thereof 

Is a well-known fact 

For there is just something about them 

That is so simplistic and unique 

Complete and will never go out of style 

For I have the feeling 

That they will stay around for a while 

No matter near or far 

Everything down to the chain and pedals 

Spoke wheels and handlebars 

For it has truly sealed 

It’s place in vehicular history 

And nowhere else it should be 

For it holds the original 

Two-wheeled title 

And with no fear of 

Replacement and rivals 

For this is a tribute 

To the bicycle 


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