After Nightfall



Standing in clear view 

And at a distance 

As the night has covered the area 

And not a moment too soon 

Taking in the sounds as I listen 

And witnessing what the night has instore 

For all of us and with something new 

Or is it just on repeat instead 

And none of us ever noticed this 

Each night before bed 

And there in the moonlit abyss 

Along with the stars overhead 

That can hardly be missed 

But in tight competition 

With the artificial lights 

And the light pollution ahead 

Although both simultaneously 

Seem quite lovely  

From the right point of view 

And who knows what all may take place 

In any case  

Form and shape 

As to what this means and will do 

Yet ensue in the darkness 

Nothing more nor less 

Casting the dark at all angles 

For it can surprise and arise 

With something newfangled 

As some souls get entangled with the night 

While others find entertainment 

Conveyed and displayed in the ambience 

Of very pleasant light 

From the area around 

And can be quite silent 

Or make a very distinct sound 

From the lowest point to the highest 

For the night indicates to most 

But with others it hides it 

As we’ve all come to know 

Often surrounding dim light 

With a heap of shadows 

Unsettling for some 

And peaceful for others 

For the night is here until its done 

And will go no further 

Scaling us and the many streets  

Along with the buildings around 

Both up close or far 

Short and tall 

For this is just one interpretation 

Of what happens after nightfall 


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