Miles Against Pavement



The many miles traveled 

Against the pavement 

And all of the people and machines 

That have come and went 

With a force and weight 

Both in the past 

And as of late 

With many more aimed 

At the very near future 

To rewind and repeat 

Often as this will occur 

Straight ahead onward 

And turning many curves 

With a purpose and mission 

Under all conditions 

Complete submission 

Along with the countless sent 

Needing to be both punctual 

And at the spur of the moment 

Under and over various terrains 

Both by foot and by wheel 

Along with the countless times 

That continues to remain 

As traffic halted and stood still 

And feeling the appeal and pulse of the streets 

Has become very real 

Heat sealed and water spilled 

As time passes by 

And rolling along each lane 

With a steady goodbye 

And a mind occupied without frequent change 

While moving about this object  

Abruptly and constantly 

Rain, sleet, or snow 

Dry and hot 

Both to and fro 

As people and vehicles 

Just came and went 

And placing many miles 

Against the pavement 


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