Miles Against Pavement (Part 2)

Final Version




All of the time spent 

As the streets hardly catch a break 

Or one moment of pause 

From many miles against 

The very pavement 

From one and all 

Does it get a chance to vent? 

Or take a much-needed day off 

Does it get a chance to rest? 

From every moment that’s gone across 

Yet stays firm and strong 

And holding still in place 

As we all just roll along 

The standard and expected normality 

With every footstep and tire moving 

From its conception to the many doses  

Of a constant and brisk reality 

As it runs its course 

From start to finish 

Short to long distance 

As it diminishes over wear 

From long time usage 

And along this hardened surface 

As many are aware 

And array of sorts 

Heading in every direction 

With a plotted course 

From land to ports 

Roads to seas 

And doing so consistently 

Without one ounce of coercion or force 

And upon varying degrees 

North and south 

East and west 

And without a shadow of doubt 

Yet put constantly to the test 

Flat down and compressed 

Nothing more and nothing less 

Whether whole or with dents 

And always represents 

For this is the life and times 

Of many miles traveled 

Against the pavement 


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