Trying To Gather My Thoughts



Sitting here alone 

And trying to gather my thoughts 

Thinking and at home 

And pondering over  

The next idea sought 

Grabbing the pen and paper 

And what shall I write today 

Many ideas in my head 

But what do I really want to convey 

Or even say 

And in such a poetic way 

That will ignite the very words and lines 

Right there on the page 

As I’m trying to move 

To the very next stage 

Of creativity and artistry 

For my next title is caught and captured 

Inside of the literary cage 

And trying to make a case 

That will be shared beyond me 

I have gone through many pieces of paper 

And tossed to the can 

Just waiting for the one I can savor 

And that will sail across the land 

Many words there in the receptacle 

But I am far from done 

With many works upcoming 

And with a style that is reciprocal 

Yet signature me 

For I can never get enough 

Of this poetic writing 

So, as many ideas 

Stay put or go out of the window 

For I have no concerns or fear 

That I will ever lose my poetic flow 

As the pen writes and the words roll 

And all the way to the very last line 

That allows this piece to be so 

As me and poetry 

Or not on the verge 

To stop or halt 

Another piece headed towards completion 

After trying and gathering my thoughts 


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