Shredded Words Over Fire



There in the middle of the evening 

Over an open fire 

Thinking about written artwork 

That tends to take me higher 

Burning away here 

But committed to memory forever 

A signal to move on 

To other chapters and endeavors 

With a new passion at hand 

That moves my feet and will 

Away from being buried in the sand 

With no lines or boundaries 

Plus no obstacles placed on myself 

For I live and breathe poetry 

Because that same fire 

I see here outside 

Is the same exact one 

That burns and scorches inside of me 

Readying myself for more poetic destinies 

And locations to a little more 

For poetry will always be something 

That I truly adore 

For am I the wind  

That closes the door 

And poetry gives me the force and energy 

To be able to do even more 

For I believe this to my very core 

Taking the best parts of me 

And shining the floor 

With fire in my wings 

As I take the skies 

And continue to soar 

Poetic words like confetti 

For I am always ready 

Much patience and drive 

And holding steady 

Each time I open my eyes 

And on a constant mission 

Through the arts 

To help change and better lives 

As my hands are comprised of fire 

And my breath is the accelerate 

Boundless energy and imagination 

For this truth of me and poetry 

Is entirely self-evident 

As writing for me 

Is vital and dire 

All while capturing and observing 

The shredded words over fire 



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