Sleep Walking Through Life



Not living and being

Your true self

The real you

Living up to other’s expectations

And knowing that it isn’t you

Looking in the mirror

At the first light of day

And unable to recognize

Who you see staring back at you

Tell-tale signs of confusion

With unsubstantiated and false truths

That has been the very bane of your existence

For the time has come

To wake up this instance

Being fake and phony

False and the opposite of

Your real self and to whom

You really are by far

One of the things that can happen

To any person or individual

Especially when the falsehoods

Of your life have become residual

A walking zombie

Wandering throughout this world

Lost, dazed, and confused

And living life in a twirl

A head spin and whirlwind

And can’t tell the beginning from the end

Unsure where you’ve come from

So, you don’t know where you’re going

Or where you have been

You are pieces of a shattered puzzle

Living remiss and out of sorts

And not knowing how to shuffle

Your life in the direction

That it is truly needed

For you must find yourself

And give a proper greeting

As you began to live a life

Filled with more desire and purpose

Truths and reasons

To settle yourself finally

And not change often as the seasons

Stabilizing and reinventing self

And refusing to go backwards

Live or be anyone or anything else

Self-preservation of the highest order

And having no reservations

When you approach and arrive at this border

Of your life at this stage and time

Time to put away fear and hesitation

And finally, cross that line

One that you will settle into

And never return to your checkered past

For when you find yourself

Be sure this time and from now on

That this will last and surpass

All the things that were once you

And be proud and bold

To live your life in the absolute truth

And must accept the real you

If even no one else ever will

Because it’s hard trying to live life

Always standing still

As your past had revealed

So, move into the future

Lock it down and seal

And be someone real

Despite the stress and strife

And previous loss of identity

For you can no longer afford to be

The shadow of your former self

And trapped in the ice

Obviously and realistically

Tragically and dramatically

Practically and apparently

Sleep walking through life



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