Living A Lie



Finding out later down the road

That your whole life has been a lie

So many things that had been hidden

And kept purposely from you

As you breathe and live through

Being a shadow of what’s been missing

And truly unable to truly grow

When you don’t really know

Who you are and thereby

Living under a false identity

And following everyone and everything

That was never meant to be

For it is not the real you

So, what does one do

When they find out the truth

Do you deny and dismiss it?

Or do you embrace and live it

For the choice truly is yours

On what you live with or without anymore

Stay asleep in this regard or wake yourself up

Because you have endured enough and too much

And as such

You now have been given the chance

To turn it all around

To go from being lost

To now being found

But again, the choice is yours

Because once you know the truth

You must start living in that truth

Instead of staying comfortable

With where you’ve been

And what you’ve always known

For at times the journey to truth

Is a very long walk all alone

And be prepared for this

For you must be brave and stand strong

And recognize that this new life

Is where you truly belong

I won’t deny

That this can be a hard pill to swallow

But you can’t just go through life

And living it hollow

As a life through empty eyes

For finding and living the real truth

Will always be better

Than living a lie



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