Stages Of Life



From birth to adulthood

Many things change

And at times become misunderstood

The child phase is where

We all came together the most

Playing and interacting with each other

From coast to coast

Not seeing color but a person instead

Sitting and standing together

And ignorance never said

But then what was taught at home

Later on comes along

And begins to divide most of us

For reasons that are unnecessary

As further human interaction

Begins to vary

And as teens

And everything in between

We start to see

Racial hatred and bigotry

And divided once more

For playing together for most

Has gone out the door

But so different where we

When we were much smaller

And closer to the floor

Then adulthood arrives

And truly begins to shape our lives

But in reality and society

Social constructs with an agenda

On the daily before hitting the pillow

At night and most don’t think

Or question themselves nor ask

Is what I’m doing alright?

Could I be wrong?

As we engage with and just go along

With hate and racial unrest

Being life students that failed

The most important tests

Subjecting many to this injustice

And seeing others as less

Believing that this behavior

Places us at our very best

Or just looking the other way

Its not my problem as some might say

Then reach the situation

Where we have kids now

And responsible for showing them

Just how life and people are

With choices to make

Do I change this for my child

Or continue the vicious circle by far

With no real change to speak of

Deceitful hands that don’t fit the glove

And bordering the line

Of wrong and right

Do I choose darkness or light

As we come to the crossroads

In the stages of life



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