Found By Poetry

The followup to the poem: “Lost In Poetry”




Here in the silence 

And focused concentration 

For it has become evident 

That the poetic mind 

Never truly takes a vacation 

Through much passion and dedication 

Reaction and admiration 

With every moment in time 

And just seems to fall right in line 

With the pen facing the paper 

And for a poet 

There is no escaping 

But then again 

Why would you want to anyway? 

Anytime of night 

Any time of day 

With so much forethought and afterthought 

And even more to say 

In both conventional and unorthodox ways 

As you watch an original piece of yours 

Come together artistically and take shape 

And sprinkled with your poetic essence 

Sealed even further by poetic expressions 

And never too late or early 

To get up and write 

Or pen the next piece 

As you can feel and spill the ink 

Allowing the words with each line 

To reach out and increase 

As you sink even further 

Into a poetic abyss 

Fully engaged and in the zone 

From all the time and effort spent 

Because writing is so inviting 

And very therapeutic 

As it goes far beyond 

The average reality 

As you bask in its uniqueness 

And completeness 

Just happy to have been lost 

But also found and pleasantly amused 

And set on automatic cruise 

Ecstatic to be standing in these shoes 

But never erratic 

As you continue 

To pay your poetic dues 

Ever so willingly 

And how amazing it feels 

To be found by poetry 


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