The World Stage



What we do during our lives

Plays a huge part

In the remembrance of when

Someone passes on and dies

How were remembered

Truly matters more than we know

Was this a good person?

And did they have growth

Or were they rotten to the core

And glad that you don’t have to deal

With them anymore

Moving through life and what for

As time and life will tell

How you as a person and being

Displayed what was at your core

Was life a bore

And some left sore

Then those that had a good life

And hopefully did right

By many people

But the reality is

We’re not all seen as equals

And this continues to haunt us all

To this very day

And looking back on our lives

What could we indicate or say

Doing things on purpose the wrong way

Choosing darkness over light

And for those that go a different way

You can count on one hand

Just how many stayed and spoke

And tried their absolute best

To be a good person despite mistakes

And leaving on paper

What was wrote and written about you

And speaking on all of the things

That you said and went to do

And at the end of it all

What will be the truth?

From youth to old

Body and soul

The part that was played

With mind and heart

So, what can we say or state

Holding breath in anticipation

Before it was too late

Lives poor and great

And many grave mistakes

As of now and late

An unspoken debate

Standing here in the middle of the world

As it watches and wait

Whether you were a recluse

Or constantly engaged with people

And what will be left behind

With further sequels

In kindness and rage

Right on the middle line

And facing us all

On the world stage



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