As I Overlook The World



Seeing this world of ours 

From a very high position 

Looking about it this fine hour 

And thinking about 

My next world rendition 

As I think often 

About the very condition 

This world is in 

So where do I even begin 

To spend time observing 

Everything and everyone around 

Exactly how things appear and sound 

Through all the ups and downs 

That tends to surround us all 

With and among those that are shocked and on pause 

And trying with everything they have 

Not to trip and fall 

Looking back and recall 

Memories of good and bad 

Some happy and others sad 

Just wandering when 

Such coldness and cruelty 

Will come to pass 

And not outlast 

Our mere existence 

For we all need to shine 

A bright light this instance 

And turn the frowns upside down 

Inject more laughter and smiles 

If even for a little while 

Take a timeout from all of the chaos 

And reach out to someone new 

Forging new bonds and friendships 

Instead of accumulating more enemies 

Cementing this and to be stuck like glue 

And striving to see the world 

From a different point of view 

Climbing the mountain 

And planting a flag there 

That will benefit others besides you 

For this and more 

Is the gravity of the situation 

Where much unity is needed 

And peace could use 

More active participation 

Spreading this across all nations 

To every man and woman 

Boy and girl 

Let’s reach the top together 

With no more solo missions 

Bringing about more hope 

And making this an unstoppable twirl 

Now this may be wishful thinking 

But would love to see this view instead 

As I overlook the world 


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