There are poems

That I have in my head

With titles attached that

Have yet to be written

Not that they are being hidden

Or they have gone missing

Just deciding on how to construct

And then later on will I share

For poetic thoughts and ideas

Raid my mind daily

As I stop and stare in the mirror

And can see the words clearly

In my eyes

And the fire that burns inside

The main source of where

My passion for poetry lies

In my heart and deep soul

Aiming my pieces at the world

In ways that when they arrive

The world will just never know

What it will be hit with

Stirring up many emotions

And a plethora of interpretations

All because of this

My artwork

My literary ideas

Spread about without

Any hesitation or fear

And with a sense of real purpose

Each time poetry comes near

That can’t wait to be written

Exposing and displaying

The various collection while contemplating

The ones that are not quite missing

As I look them all over

Back and forth while sifting through

For what exactly shall I do with

The unwritten


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