The Uninitiated



For we as poets and artists 

Live among those 

That are part of the uninitiated 

For they cannot truly comprehend 

Who or what we really are 

And the power of words that we possess 

The energy and synergy 

Through writing and speaking poetry 

But nevertheless, and not withstanding 

For we are individuals 

With a unique lifelong talent and branding 

Through and among the literary arts 

Living our lives accordingly 

While in turn also embracing 

Of all the poetic intricacies 

That reside within 

Nor could we ever pretend 

With this because it is very real 

A huge ordeal 

And has our very fates sealed 

However, and to whatever this means 

And fully encompasses 

As we abide and are trapped 

In a poetical and artistic stasis 

That through our unique work 

And various art pieces 

Allows us to bring the world 

Into our oasis 

As we leave behind with each poem 

The very traces of our being 

As we hold rhyme and reasons 

In the palm of our hands 

As the pen and paper 

Takes us to places 

That our are beyond any physical lands 

Surpassing the mere ideas and thoughts 

Of everyday woman and man 

As we possess and tap into 

A power band that even we 

Have yet to fully understand 

As there is no comparison to us 

When it comes to the power of words 

With original works of art 

Never before seen or heard 

Until we decide 

If or when to share 

As we are bold and dare 

To simply take it there 

And spread this poetic energy and vibes 

Literally everywhere  

From the surface to the air 

With a knowledge and experience 

That is beyond compare 

As we are the pulse and shockwaves 

That no one ever sees coming 

But can’t wait to witness 

When it arrives and displays there 

And all things being unequal and not always fair 

For we cannot help but be 

Anything but what poetry 

Has allowed us to partake of and see 

Understated and overstated 

Never underrated 

Cannot be debated 

Catered and tailored 

And seen through many eyes 

With open hearts and souls 

And never closed to interpretation 

For we embody and are also 

The artistical and natural precipitation 

That aims to effect 

All people, cultures, and nations 

And therefore, immune to any type 

Of subjugation 

As we and the arts 

Have become deeply bonded together 

And forever related 

As I have clearly stated 

So, for those that are not one of us 

Are part of the uninitiated 



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