Anomaly (Part 2)

Final Version




More than just a blur 

For when you as a poet arrive 

Many things began to occur 

Through your connection through and with 

This unique art form called poetry 

For it is the root 

And you are the tree 

Becoming the anomaly 

That the whole world will see 

If you just keep your head and wits 

About you 

And feel this world through your fingertips 

Thoughts and feelings 

And using the pen and paper 

To initiate the fire and passion 

That resides inside of you 

Not afraid of being an oddity 

No fear of being a rarity 

Even if this means standing alone 

For poetry is your universe 

And you call this home 

As you deviate from the standard 

The traditional 

The normal and the expected 

For all the things in this world 

And among all people 

Enhances and feeds your writings 

Thereby you are affected 

By the very surroundings around you 

And through a myriad of expressions 

Words and lines 

So, each time you desire  

To see this through 

For you are part of the peculiar 

And not easily classified 

For the ability to see this world  

In ways unlike any other 

Burn within you and with every look 

Into your eyes 

And being wide eyed 

As you’ve come to realize 

The power and effect 

You have on so many lives 

And on so many levels 

For you are a dash and pause 

On the screen of life 

That just doesn’t fit 

The rest of the puzzle and patterns 

Feeling scattered and never rattled 

As this art has shattered 

Your very fabric of reality and dreams 

And so, it would seem 

The black 

The white 

And all else in between 

You stand out always 

Because you cannot be like everyone else 

For you are in a world 

Of your very own 

And most of the time 

All by yourself 

And in a place in space and time 

That only those like you 

Could truly understand 

As you allow your light  

To glimmer and shine 

For you are the definition 

Of being an aberration 

And have entered a world and universe 

Unlike any other 

Living in a divergence constantly 

As the world awaits 

Your emergence anxiously 

As you live and breathe 

Basking and floating 

In the great depths of poetry 

For you have truly transformed yourself 

Into an anomaly 



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