Hand On Fire



Pen in hand 

Hand with pen 

Lighting them on fire 

So where do I begin 

Writing until I can’t no more 

Line by line 

Word for word 

And seeing this through to the end 

Accessing the fire that lies within 

As I 

Physically embody the surge and force 

Of warm and heated energy 

Encompassing every square inch of me 

In and out of my body 

And have captured and cultivated 

The poetic essence and recipe 

That will one day be seen 

All over me 

As it comes through my very pores 

And can’t wait to access even more 

As the very door that won’t ever close 

Searing and burning off 

The very clothes that I have on 

And igniting a blaze constantly 

From day to dawn 

And don’t mind being its pawn 

For as long as it 

Will have me 

As I watch it further engulf me 

Upon various temperatures and degrees 

As I  

Continue to see 

The beginning of the fire 

Light and start with my hand 

Through the art of poetry 


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