The 911

THE 911 


The car of my dreams 

The icon 

The sports car 

That is well beyond 

What it appears and seems 

That teardrop shape 

Those bolstering fenders 

Spells out the word great 

As the look and sound of it 

Is a visceral mindbender 

That famous flat six out back 

Which is so well balanced 

Roars and attacks 

The streets and tracks 

So responsive each time it reacts 

Yet so rewarding with every drive 

As it tends to be smooth 

Yet also fights back 

Planted and turns from the center 

For when curves arrive 

You just can’t wait to enter 

The car by which all others have been measured 

For this vehicle is nothing short 

Of iconic and legend 

And continues to evolve 

Yet staying pure and classy 

From its original thought and design 

That has made many hearts throb 

Different in every way 

And in a league of its own 

The only one of its kind 

And Porsche is its home 

As it has earned the title and throne 

Over and over again 

And setting unique trends 

For where others stop 

Is where this automotive wonder begins 

Driving pleasure at its best 

And embracing minimalism  

At its best 

As the rarity that it is 

So, let the pure sports car live 

Any day and night  

Anywhere and anyplace 

Whether dark out or light 


Noon or after seven 

For this is my salute  

Of the automotive icon 

The Porsche 911 


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