The Calm Blue Bay



Sitting on the dock

Of this quiet blue bay

Thinking and chilling

Towards the end of the day

And feeling some way

About what I see

Right before me

As I sit and look out

Onto the piercing blue bay

Spending much needed time here

As my own personal escape

Yet in a space that when I’m near

All troubles in that moment

Cease to exist or just go away

For where I am and feeling

Couldn’t have gone any other way

As the cool breeze brushes my face

That is circling about and right from the bay

Embracing the water’s hue

Of very vibrant blue

And there is nowhere else

I’d rather be nor do I have

Anything else to do

In this very moment

For what I need

Is truly right here

And what I choose

Is nothing but a win

So, there is no way I could lose

As I take off my shoes

That allows me to feel the ground underneath

For through this sensation

I can feel a natural yet environmental heartbeat

So vast and elemental

And being absorbed

From every direction and way

So serene and surreal

As I hold out my hands

In this cool blue space

At the end of the day

As I’m thinking and chilling

And sitting on the dock

Of this quiet blue bay


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