The Storm Has Found Us



Just look around the world today 

And tell me what you see 

So much chaos and disaster 

Followed up by calamity 

Hollowed out by greed and manifest destiny 

The poor getting poorer 

And the rich getting richer 

As the wealth gap continues to expand 

Separating us as people constantly 

Both woman and man 

All across the world and the many lands 

For the storm is ever present 

And has been here for a while 

So much and too much is happening 

For anyone to truly have a decent smile 

The storm has rolled in 

The storm is rough 

The storm will last until the end 

The storm for many 

Is simply not enough 

To awake them to everything going on 

Naïve in every way  

And singing the same old songs 

That will lead to nowhere good 

Not until they get with the times 

And for this to be truly understood 

As the wind blows 

And the clouds show gray overhead 

A moment to stay on all of our toes 

And pray each night before bed 

As the dawn of a new day breaks 

For those that were given the chance to see 

Yet never learning from past mistakes 

As this is evident on the daily 

Can’t you see it? 

Are you making yourself aware? 

Or will you just keep going along 

Out and about life without one ounce of care 

Both at home and everywhere 

As some of us take the time 

To stop and stare 

At the calamity in our midst 

Worrying on the eyes 

With a head down and closed fists 

Some of us are living 

While others just merely exist 

Day in and day out 

As this continues to persist 

For those that are selfish and greedy 

Just can’t seem to resist 

Doing any and everything 

To make life much harder 

For everyone else that is not them 

And thinking that they  

For some strange reason 

Is above reproach and karma 

But I can assure you 

That not one person in this world is 

For we will be judged accordingly 

By the way we have treated people 

As well as this world  

Just how we have lived 

And making the very costly mistake 

Of making poverty and destruction 

The standard of living 

As the daily norm  

Without enough regard or much needed fuss 

So, open your eyes to the very real fact 

That the storm has found us 


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