The Storm Has Arrived



The storm has arrived 

And it was just a matter of time 

Before all of this and more 

Just fell in line 

With everything that is going on 

Everything that has gone wrong 

For this was inevitable 

And the lengths and depths of evil 

Happening around this world 

Has been nothing shy of horrible

Truly deplorable just how far 

We have sunk and fell 

As many feels even further compelled 

To keep us right here and there 

Anyway, and anywhere 

And calling this justified and fair 

For peace and harmony 

Love and caring 

Have become all but non-existent 

And truly rare  

As I can feel this vibe in the air 

Because it is ever present 

Just circling all over 

And there is no escaping it 

Nor anyway of taking cover 

Because we have fallen too deep within 

And doomed from the very moment 

That hate and chaos became alright 

And a steady yet continuous trend 

Everywhere we go and have been 

So, shall I even begin 

To describe the real world around us all 

Well that would take some time 

For this entire world 

Fell out of alignment long ago 

And is in dire need of being realigned 

For time is running out 

With or without  

The knowledge thereof or being made aware 

Because this world has been run 

For and by people way too long 

That have never once cared 

Not one day for the world’s lives 

So unfortunately, due to all of this 

And so much more 

Displayed both in front of 

And hidden from our eyes 

Brace yourselves for the impact 

For the storm has arrived 


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