Spilling Ink



As I sink into my thoughts

Thinking about the times in life

That I wrote and fought

Reaching for the pen

That is within arm’s length

And wandering often

From all of the time spent

And to where it all went

Just as sure as the very real need

To eat and drink

And wanting always to preserve

My bond and link

To this thing called poetry

With a poetic mind always on the brink

And on a trail to reach the edge

In order to see beyond just me

Each time that I spend

Writing and harnessing ink

As I

Take a sip of this poetic drink

Expressing my view of the world

And doing so with ink

Taking the time to think

Taking the time to out think

And outdo the last piece

For I have been bitten

With each piece that has been written

By the poetic bug

With a desire and feeling

That never goes missing

But rather gives me a poetic hug

With each one I present

Reveal and unfold

As poetry shakes hands

With my mind

Body and soul

And something that I truly understand

Every time it lands me

With each step closer to my destiny

For I

Just can’t resist

As I

Continue to persist

With much focus

Receiving it with an open mind and hand

That I

Constantly bear witness to

No matter where I stand

Yet embrace and experience

Enough for two

Except that it’s only me

And poetry involved

Just stuck together like glue

All while my thoughts and words align

Spilling ink across the paper

Line by line

Writing the next poetic caper

With a poise and energy

That will never taper

As all will find

With each moment

That me and poetry get even closer

And becomes more evident

As I spill words and ink all over



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