Creative Therapy



I have the need right now

To go and create something original and new

And shared once completed

From me to you

When that moment in time comes

That as an artist

You must engage with your talent and art

And construct a piece that comes from your heart

Given much thought

And placing all attention and focus there

For you are aware of the sense and feeling

That you get and doesn’t just come

Out of nowhere or out of thin air

For you feel compelled to bring this to bare

Interacting with the power and energy

That comes with being an artist

And drowning yourself in the arts

With a feeling and passion, you’ve had

And have come to know

Right from the very start

And feel very off

When it has been too long

Because when haven’t engaged with this

To an artist

It just feels plain wrong

As you are prone to hone

Invent and present

Something to the world

That will highlight your work

An inspire little boys and girls

To be bold and assert themselves

And not be afraid to commit to the arts

Because it has the power

To mold and shape lives

To bring hope and change lives

When the fire for this

Truly lies within

And will shine inside and outside

Of you over time

And using the purity of the creative side

Of your mind

To express yourself openly and freely

Like there is no tomorrow

So, rooted

Well suited

And on cruise control

Refuse to lose it

And very therapeutic

More than anyone could ever know

Yet for all to witness and see

Experience and feel

Upon various degrees

For art is the canopy

That allows us to be

Active and steadily

Covering yet allowing

Us to have and indulge in

Creative therapy



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