I Stand Alone



As I roam about this world 

But call it home 

Allowing my inner thoughts 

To bleed to the outside and swirl 

And recognizing in those moments 

That I stand alone 

Not afraid to have my say 

No fear of my expressions 

On any given day 

For the path to a purposed destiny 

Is sometimes a very lonely one 

But must do what I believe 

And must be willing to travel alone 

Just to reach the destination 

That is waiting for me 

One that I can only see 

Truly believe and perceive  

It to be 

For it has prepared itself for me 

Along with my impending arrival 

Like a vast work of art in progress 

But with an unknown title 

Walking along and seeing everyone 

Talking often and seeing everything 

To all that this brings 

And has brought to life 

Shadowy figures and existence 

While staying close to the light 

Within my very own proximity 

Observing and being very cautious 

Around both the seen and unseen enemy 

And believing in truths 

That are perceived and received as hate 

Believing in facts and figures 

That aren’t always up for a debate 

Being wide open and conscious 

Before opening the eyes 

Becomes too late 

So, I wait upon no one 

To take this journey with me 

And will continue to do so 

Whether or not anyone agrees 

As I must keep moving 

And just let go 

For I’m a much deeper person and being 

Than anyone truly knows 

Therefore, many places  

That I choose to accept and go 

Many will not follow me 

But this is to be expected 

For this journey is an invite 

To those who can handle the peculiar 

And can be open to the uncertain 

Also, willing to step outside of the box 

Yet take a real peek behind the curtain 

And accept various truths 

That will come to light  

Come to form and unfold 

But have always been prepared 

To walk this path completely solo 

And call it home 

To travel it and reside there alone 

As I roam about this world 

Allowing my inner thoughts 

To bleed to the outside and swirl 

With my beliefs burned permanently 

Within my very bones 

Deepness in mind and soul 

To which I am always prone 

And recognizing in those moments 

That I truly stand alone 


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