Circling The Mind



Thoughts that are hazy 

But never crazy 

As they circle about my mind 

Now and over a period of time 

At the top of my head like cloud cover 

Running nonstop over and over 

At many miles per hour 

And being the very vapor 

Rising up to a mental caper 

Blossoming always as the most 

Healthiest and growing flower 

Reaching inside for more 

And beginning to outpour and score 

The next thought and waves 

Traveling about for days 

And in so many ways 

Walking in and out of the logical door 

With less emotion and more focus 

Swarming inside like locusts 

And as you look into my eyes 

Seeing and witnessing 

The methods and process 

And never accepting of less 

As I conjure up much more 

Yet never leaves me if you will believe 

Ever lethargic or sore 

But rather relaxed as if at the beach 

Watching the tides roll in 

And staying this way 

From beginning to end 

Yet depends on the amount of mental reach 

And my mood at the time 

As it grooves and soothes 

And with nothing to prove 

As each thought just falls in line 

Yet when the thoughts start to roll 

And greatly unfold 

It happens all at once 

Like the effect of dominos 

Until none are left standing 

But waiting on the next pile 

Which usually take a while 

But leaves me straight faced 

And with a very small smile 

Occupying my time 

Coinciding with my daily grind 

With a fire within my brown eyes 

And moves as the wind 

Across the air and ground 

And done through no disguise 

Never unwise 

Never drowning in lies 

With an interesting take on reality 

For miles around 

As my mind often, times 

Takes to the skies 

And not rooted in fantasy 

Yet having always the capacity 

To see through dreams  

And goes against irrationality 

Fitting tightly within the seams 

And deep recesses of my mind 

Taking up every space within my mind 

Never an off switch in this mind 

Thinking of the next ten steps  

Forming within this mind 

And with all of this being felt 

Each and every time 

As I bask in the fullness 

Of what’s lurking within 

And circling about the mind 


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