Surface Area




Very top 

Of the surface 

And what is there 

At times just cannot compare 

To what is truly being seen 

And observed at that moment in time  

That can mean so many different things to 

So many different people upon first glance 

And to their interpretation of what  

Lies within and felt inside 

Based on what they 

Perceived and understood 

This to 


And obviously 

Go beyond one’s 

Thoughts and memories and 

Seen in a variety of  

Ways that could go for days 

As they engage with it and touch 

The different and vast yet various layers that 

Enhance the very sensation with unique facets 

Of stimulation along with many textures 

And having the mere pleasure 

Of mental and sensory 

Carriers and with 

No boundaries 



As we 

Approach and interact 

With the surface area 


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