As we gather and ponder
Over the natural being displayed and done
For we must truly ask and wander
Is this the sign of things to come????





Much is

Happening around the

World and with nature

Going beyond and above what

We have been used to for

Quite a long period of time and

Is causing new events to emerge like never

Before seen or even heard but yet

Occurs now on the regular and

Displaying openly such abnormal weather

Right down to the

Very letter and

Syllables of


Various words

And names to

Describe and try to

Identify these events and asking

The question of why and some

Just boggle and confuse our minds and

Especially since these volcanoes have decided now to

Explode inside and outside in no time

Across various lands and lines and

Seeming very angry with us

All and leaving everyone

A bit shocked

And appalled


The hot

Lava just runs

And falls without the

The slightest care of repercussion

For we need to have the

Various discussions among ourselves about this disruption

Happening all over and everywhere with such commotion

And quite a bit of surprising destruction

For we should really take a

Moment to think and ask

Did we cause in

Some shape or

Form this



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