Planting Seeds



To layout and lay down

Words and truths

That has every intention

To aid and educate

All of you

To wakeup people up

And in return

As they learn

They become conscious in the process

Nothing more

Nothing less

At least for those

That were open to it

As many will never give the truth

The time of day or its due

Succumbing to denialism

And cognitive dissonance

Instead of allowing the truth

To flow over you

Just because it’s fact or sounds harsh

Doesn’t make it any less true

Nor have any intention

Of hurting or harming you

If anything, it is arming you

To become better and much improved

So that you

Will finally be able to see what is real

After its initial reveal

That has been hidden for so long

From you and at times

Even hidden in plain sight

All along

As many that are dark

Frequently and repeatedly

Shun the light

Evoking critical thinking

And attempting to pull you away

From all the lies and deception

Indoctrination and misdirection

That has been plaguing you

But you never even knew

Providing and aligning the truth

With actual reality

But will have the openness or capacity

To see this through

And accept the real truth

That for the majority of the time

Has been right in front of you

This is not so much

About what you think you want

Or even need

Because this will turn the tide

And make you realize

The uncomfortable size

That was forged from all the lies

Having you pick a side

That you were forced into

And waking you up

To everything that has been done to you

Which most of it stemmed from

The nefarious and greed

And penalizing and out casting those

That live and breathe the real truth

And they’re just trying to do the same

For the rest of you

Because the truth cannot become

The new hate speech

But rather plant the root

To a much needed and vital tree

So, take the time to listen and hear

These people out

Because their sole purpose

Is planting much needed seeds



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