Rhyme And Reason



The point and reason for a rhyme

Is to express and emphasize

How the poet sees the world

From their point of view

And using poetry to align themselves

Among a chosen few

With poetic words that have

Never before been seen or heard

Original works of art in the form of words

And illuminating those words

In such a way

That many will come to appreciate

The vastness that lies within

As they board and take a ride

On this poetic trend

From beginning to end

Stirring up emotions

And reoccurring curiosity and fascination

Gathered and garnered through the literary

And displaying in words

More than some can even say

Or otherwise face

Speculate or debate

At any rate

Inject peace and remove the hate

But in any case

See poetry take form and shape

On any given day

As poetry lies deep within a true poet

And at a subatomic state

Submerged in a phenomenal place

Moving about at a geometric rate

Yet at an astonishing pace

Covering the black and white

But also, the gray

With spreading light and good vibes

As the primary objective

And to glow within the many eyes

Yet seen as subjective

Definitely suggestive

And open to much interpretation

With hopes of much wanted attention

And unlimited admiration

As most people when it comes

To a good work of art

Hold their breath in anticipation

As they look forward to the next piece

And their interest increase

As poetry is a wonder

That will never cease to amaze

For it’s the lyrical sun rays

That can go on for days

Find its way out of the maze

Excites as it takes shape

Inspire in many ways

And outpace the very air

That lies overhead

And will never fade away

Crystal clear without haze

Transparent and in hand

For all to stare at and gaze

Circumnavigating the world always

And do we as poets need a reason to rhyme?

We certainly do not

Line by line

Word for word

Pen to paper

And shot for shot

With no plans to ever stop

Stand proudly and never drop

Off of the map

Nor fall down and flop

And appear where it’s at

To be what it is

And as the poet breathes and lives

Freely sharing their work and gives

From their heart and mind

All of the time

Yet brave to do such a thing

Awake the sleeping

And motivate the suffering

But also taking the time to care

All while reminding

Everyone that’s within reach

That poetry displays and teach

And will dare to breach

The minds and hearts

Bodies and souls

Each time one is revealed and exposed

Written and composed

As the poet uses the pen as a weapon

And helping many through poetry

See life’s better lessons

But in essence

Convey what is also real

Time stamped and sealed

With much appeal

Each time a poet reveals

The next poetic peace

All while attempting to change lives

And shine a light for all to see

As we bask in the literary

And are tasked

With being lyrically and artistically

Inclined to feel and see

Everything that poetry allows us to be

To accept and take

Or leave

For it is up to you

Because poetry is a power

That must be put to good use

Due to such an enormous influence abroad

For a poet must live and be real

And never put on a façade

To be as the weather

Strong and with a force

That goes along with every season

So, stay passionate about this

And continue to plot the course

Just never commit poetic treason

But rather be the poetical voice

For you are the lightning rod

Held firmly and tightly

In a closed fist

And to be the world’s beacon

That if it doesn’t shine

Would be sorely missed

So, I must insist that you persist

And don’t resist to rise as the sun

As you write and wrote

Speak and spoke

Invoke and evoke

Much rhyme and reason



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