A Poem By Any Other Name (Part 2)

Final Version




Coming back again with the second one 

For from the first I was not done 

The pen to the gun 

Written for all and anyone 

More than just for passion or mere fun 

And at times some puns 

For my poetic switch 

Is always turned on 

And always knowing within my mind 

Which is which 

As poetry has affixed itself 

Right onto me 

Bathing in the literary 

Basking in the lyrically 

Neat and orderly 

With a writing method 

That ignites metaphorically 

Making every effort 

And never categorically 

Yet feeling euphorically 

As I 

Embrace the poetically 

Channeling energy 

Deep within me 

As I 

Constantly bend and see 

As I 

Approach this strategically 

Chess and not checkers 

As I 

Light the match on this 

With a fiery blaze 

Writing endless days 

As I 

Continue to gage 







And manipulate these words 

Line by line 

From subject to verb 

As this will reoccur 

And concur 

With my ultimate mission 

Displaying and igniting 

Another poetic rendition 

Fighting and lighting 

Up the world as a poetic rebel 

The Hyde to the Jekyll 

As I 

Consistently revel 

As I’m on another level 

Massive in depth  

Even down to the smallest pebble 

So here I go 

For you’ll never know 

Just where my art will roll 

To next 

An amazing cycle 

The maximum and micro 

With every intent to rival 

And be as smooth and silky  

As the crispness of vinyl 

Never stuck in idle 

Never final 

Arriving with the next tidal 

Wave all day 

And never fade 

Yet always account 

For variable change 

As I 

Plan to turn the poetic world upside down 

And virtually rearrange 

Won’t come off strange 

Even after the event unfolds 

Sending poetry out in shockwaves 

And moving in droves 

From thought to intro 

Planting the seed 

And watching it grow 

Lucid and fluid 

Poetically congruent 

And superimposed 

With a lyrical flow 

As I am a conduit 

For electrified poetry 

Which will never be the end of it 

Coinciding with synergy 

While providing me 

With a vast array of poetic energy 

Progressively kinetic 

Demonstrating a unique aesthetic 

May wet it 

But won’t let it 

Ever go out 

And not once regretted it 

Each time I  

Embrace what it’s all about 

Without a shadow of doubt 

Holding my own 

As I 

Soar through the clouds 

Sharing with the masses all over 

After I seek you found 

Too high to come down 

For you can see my works 

From miles around 

Always approach with a smile 

And never a frown 

Jumping leaps and bounds 

Punch for punch 

Pound for pound 

And watch me  

As I 

Move along the ground 

And at the speed of sound 

Touring every city and town 

Bent on being one of the best 

And won’t ever accept less 

As I 

Have passed the tests 

And just too pumped 

To take a break or rest 

And all of this  

I must confess 

Keeping and playing my works 

Close to the chest  

Armored up poetically and with a vest 

Sending out vibes 

That will not upset 

A legend in my own right 

With unlimited access 

Up the ante and the game 

And refuse to leave this world unchanged 

Not bound by any chains 

No losses but gains 

For this is the finale 

Of the poem by any other name 


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