Poetic Entity



I am poetry

And poetry is me

Born and lives to be

A poetic entity

Not a figure of speech

But built inside and outside

To my very core

So, don’t get it twisted

I am not a metaphor

As I’m filled with power and prowess

Nothing more

Nothing less

Aiming to always be

At my very best

And stay in my prime

Lyrically and literally

On the grind



And align

Spitting words that shine

And line by line

With complex rhyme

Sending shockwaves across

Many areas

I am the host

I am the carrier

That is unlike anyone else

As this poetic epidemic

Continues to reinvent myself

And honing this craft

With constant beginnings

Leaving the world wanting more

So, have no fear

For there is no ending

Shown through every rendition

And all renderings

A self-sustaining source

That will never go out

And be about

The literary

As I write and plot my next course

With my inside poetic voice

Never contrary

To my ultimate goal

As these artistic and realistic pieces unfold

And expose the constant running energy

Flowing throughout me

And don’t mind at times

If I lose control

And break the proverbial chains

That runs throughout my veins

So, I have no other choice

But stay here

Exist and remain

And persist

Never hit and miss

Don’t hesitate or even blink

I’m the never-ending ink

That resides in the toner

Sealing each piece with approval

And an energetic kiss

As you witness and peep my poetic persona

And artist with a vision

With every intention of

Completing my mission

Since the very first invention

Of my artistic work

Harnessing creativity

With many perks

And lurks within me

With unique originality

As I live and breathe

Wanting nothing more

Than to succeed

And leave

A piece of me

Well after poetry

Is done consuming me

On an avid destiny

Of totally being

One of the best to ever do this

A poet laureate and living legacy

Personified and dignified

With a poetic formula that consists of

The perfect bond and recipe

For poetry is me

And I am poetry

Was born and ready to be

A poetic entity




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