Going into this


As I travel along

With no constraints or boundaries

Pushing this to higher degrees

Ambitious and under no conditions

While naturally evolving over time

This poetic skill and talent

That flexes my mind

Honing and owning this craft

And allowing my true light

To shine



And exercise my thoughts

As I

Seek and sought

To relay them to the paper

As I ignite the pen

With an idea on where to begin

Inviting and writing every word

That aligns with my goal

And never stuck in idle

Being creative and bold

Yet behold unique titles

As the lines afterwards hit the paper

And become exposed

Witnessing literary art unfold

Always on a roll

Constant movement

Never froze

And no writers block here

As me and poetry are connected

On another level and atmosphere

Always in forward gear

And plugged in at all times

Feeding me rhymes

While on my poetic grind

Finish one and then rewind

The same act over and over again

As the words and pen

Move swiftly as the wind

Always on deck

But never docks

Much respect to the art

Flowing like water

Right over the rocks

And cascading down

Deep inside my heart

Then cruises to the outside

With a fiery blaze

That can be seen in my eyes

Possessing lyrical bolts

That stretches across the sky

Then hits the ground

Lighting up the area

But with a quiet sound

A poet ready to go

Many leaps and bounds

And helping to spread poetry

For miles around

As it absorbs and surrounds

Every fiber of my being

For you will never witness

Me and poetry disagreeing

Always open to receiving

Its vast energy

Tapping into it frequently

And truly believing

That this poetic journey

Was meant for me

And to be

One of the many carriers

Of this style of art

And have bonded in such a way

That we will never separate

Or come apart

As my words and lines

Phrases and rhymes

Are like fiery darts

For the world is the board

And my mission from the very start

Being a poetic shield and sword

A lyrical warrior

With a horde of words and lines

Unlimited subjects

And relentless rhymes

Aiming to surpass

Each one written

And move up the chain

Due to being bitten

By poetry

Writing for now

But for what will remain

For all to see

Well after poetry and life

Is done with me

As I gain



And evoke change

Through my words

As each one occurs

And also arrives

Staying with the times

And causing many smiles

With heartfelt signs

And leaving behind

Much thought and memories

On the mind

And stay with everyone

For quite sometime

Not just for a while

As you experience

My poetic style and flow

Never slowing down

And reaching for more growth

One of the very best things

I’ve come to know

As a cool soothing breeze

Coming through the window

And will continue to be involved

For if I couldn’t do this

I would feel severely robbed

Riding a passion with many pieces

But the puzzle has been solved

So, watch as this poet

Heads in the only direction

That will convert the power of words

Into a lightning rod

Infusing and allowing me

To poetically levitate

And naturally evolve



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