Unconstructed Dream Space



As I fall asleep 

Here within my domicile 

As I’ve been fighting sleep 

For quite a while 

As my mind is just going 

A hundred miles an hour 

Stretched out in height 

From above a grand tower 

And my body is ready to rest 

Yet preparing for the final hour 

But in any case 

The restless and tired look 

Upon my dark face 

Here alone as I sit in the dark 

As I embark on my thoughts 

For the rest of the night 

Staying awake even after 

I have turned off the lights 

To get settled in but I am awake 

But don’t want the window of sleep 

To close before it’s too late 

But wait 

I can feel it coming on now 

And time for me to lay on down 

Emotionless in this moment 

But can feel my heart pound 

So, I began to drift off 

And will let the sleep take me away 

To find myself there and lost 

In the deep thoughts 

And the beginning dream 

Yet deem this to be 

Exactly what it seems 

And allowing it to just take me there 

For I am somewhat aware 

Of the subconscious state here 

For I have traveled further into my mind 

And entering the dream atmosphere 

That alone is in its own 

Space and time 

In having arrived at a zone 

All alone and floating around 

Looking everywhere at the same time 

There in a place that reality 

No longer applies 

Going well beyond my mental capacity 

And severing all sensible ties 

As I find that this area in time 

Falls in line with its own rules 

Holding me and subduing me 

But without leaving a bruise 

As I am very consumed by it 

Can’t deny or defy this 

For it is what it is 

And will be 

As I float in the center of it 

And in the midst of its energy 

Yet regurgitating what I feel and see 

For it’s hard to describe intellectually 

What I’m experiencing here 

And all I can do  

Is hold it dear and allow it 

To make me vanish and disappear 

In its world within 

As I’m suborbital 

And haven’t witnessed 

A beginning nor end 

As this universe is well beyond 

My logic and comprehension 

Unaware of how I arrived entirely 

But such a unique invention to behold 

Stimulating and demonstrating 

As it further carries me and unfolds 

The never before and untold 

Of a dreamy and unknown place 

For when I wakeup 

I probably won’t remember one trace 

Of this as I look at my face 

And wondering the whole time 

Was this even real or just had me 

Out of place 

Nothing there to grasp unto or hone 

For it was a very separate world 

In and of its own 

An oddity and a parallel place 

That chose me and allowed me 

To visit and tour 

Within this unconscious state and vast area 

That was completely unmolested and pure 

And enjoyed its amazing allure 

With no rush or race 

As I traveled and soared 

And wanted some more 

Just another taste 

Committing this memory as much as I can 

Of this indescribable dream land 

And never allowing this experience to be a waste 

Of this unknown and universal place 

That I couldn’t help but 

Accept and embrace 

As I journeyed to this  

Unconstructed dream space 


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