Enthrall Series: Poem 6 of 6




For I can’t state this enough

As I have a brush

Of poetic reality

And the vitality

That it means everything to me

And to what I perceive

As I live and breathe

And proceed


And feed the poetic fire

Inside of me

And nowhere else

For besides poetry

There is myself

Always felt

A constant sensation

That makes my heart throb

As I take up the pen

And defy all odds

With avid determination

No aggravation

An awesome situation

My work has no discrimination

As it often submits me to teleportation

For I have high expectations

Constant motivation


No stagnation

For when it comes to poetry

I have no consternation

No hesitation

Readying my works for exportation

No distractions or deviations

My favorite radio stations

For poetry long ago

Forged a partnership and integration

I often times write in silence and the quiet

With no presence ever of desolation

Won’t find trepidation

But I am a quiet storm

With light precipitation

The art and craft

Of word cultivation

And line manipulation

And in a constant stasis

A poetic escape and destination

A literary oasis

For my mind never takes a vacation

Away from poetry

For I never had the desire or need

To be away from this

For poetry and I

Are in a solid state

With original thoughts

And original works of art

That I will never leave behind or depart

For I find poetry very fulfilling

And challenging as it fills me

With self-gratification

With those awaiting my next piece

And holding breath in anticipation

As I hope that my works

Give the world some peace and alleviation

As I sit a spell afterwards

And inhale and exhale

This poetical intoxication

Full of motivation

With many poetic combinations

Unlimited formations

As my works circle the world

In every direction

And aims to reach everyone

No matter the place or situation

And bringing this series to an end

That I hope will be taken

With much appreciation

As I close with this final poem

Called captivation



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