Enthrall Series: Poem 5 of 6




Doomed to greatness

And many will get to witness

As it all plays out

Without a doubt

And just can’t wait

Not up for a debate

Dare to compare

With hands waving in the air

The wind through the hair

At all angles and in every single way

Full of life and won’t ever turn gray

A massive vessel with me as the captain

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the caption


Making a lot of noise

And with much poise and reaction

Splurging and lurking

Emerging and converging

Steadily on the rise and surging

Constantly searching and merging

Into more poetic lanes

With much to gain

From more poetical inventions

And definitely worth mentioning

As this always assists

Hard to resist

A unique artist of interest

Arming up for what’s next

Striving to reach the top

And be my very best

Nothing more and nothing less

Born with much purpose

The poetic surgeon

With much substance

Both on and underneath the surface

Artistry with great potential

Will never run out of words

Because my thoughts and ideas

Are very substantial

Just right and hardly ever wrong

Let alone bad

A poet gone mad

But in a good way

With poetry on the brain

Both night and day


Beyond traditional

Reaching and leaping many bounds

Within the quantum and dimensional

An anomaly

So never close to conventional

Or the standard cause

As I break down barriers and walls

Never trip and fall

The lyrical installed

Ingenious and brilliant

So, take a moment to pause

And poetry for all

Always on target so I never miss

With a firm grip

No sliding or slip

Tight lipped

Won’t ever let go

Because it’s being held firmly in my mists

For poetry is my talent

And what I was imbued with

No fading or degrading

And punching with both fists

As it comes and goes

But never spent

Full of energy and a fire

As I’m constantly

Thinking and calculating

For this piece right here

Was meant to be captivating



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