Enthrall Series: 4 of 6




Part four coming at you

With weighted words

That will be read and heard

As I concur

And throw this for a curve

Not faded or jaded

Never understated

For this piece here

Is captivated

Self -served




Cooked very well

And made tender

Ready to be served

From a lyrical mindbender

As I never deter

From the meanings laid out

Knowing precisely what this is about

No pout

No doubts

All worked out

Seen with much clout

Never heading south

Pushed and spread towards much distance

That very instance

Always on a mission



No resistance


Highly capable

Very able

Always stable

With a seat at the poetic table

No need to purge

A constant surge

Vanish then reemerge

Through every written line and word

Without fail

The cheetah instead of the snail

And dispels any rumors

That don’t complete the full picture

Or leaves out pertinent details

And yes, I take it there

Very aware

May be seen as unfair

Out there somewhere

But I don’t care

For I have to be me

Upon every degree

As it would seem

And beam me to another piece

That is waiting on me

To be written and not later on kept hidden

To give the world

Exactly what it’s been missing

Without further ado or wait

And not to be underestimated

With timing just right

And never too late

Seen as it truly is

And not underrated

For this one here

Is captivated



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