Enthrall Series: Poem 1 of 6




To delight 

And please 

To spellbind 

And make weak in the knees 

To smile and light up 

Upon various degrees 

Attractiveness and loveliness 

With the power of quality 

And arousing admiration 

Positive and alluring energy 

With a little glamour and beauty 

To appeal and desire to 

To attract and hold the fascination 

And sticking to memory like glue 

Magnetism and charisma 

To entice and capture 

That sends the senses into a frizzy 

And a vibe that keep the emotions busy 

An infatuation that just sounds the alarm 

Yet draws on the synergy of everyone 

To inspire and take higher 

Face and embrace 

And can’t help but stare 

As you grasp the rocker arms 

Of the most comfortable chair 

For this is what it means 

To be charmed 


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