Enthrall Series: Poem 2 of 6




Stay with me 

As I prepare to demonstrate 

Poetry with no limits 

An art form 

That is in it to win it 

And will take hold of the bold 

Of those whose very hearts and souls 

Minds and bodies 

Truly know 

The importance of poetry 

And the power it possesses 

Originality without copy 

With all of its unique essence 

For it is a calling 

And a real pleasure 

To be welcomed into the fold 

With many titles 

Meanings and illustration 

Knows no bounds or limitations 

And just taking the poet 

Into another universe 

A literary galaxy 

Never prepared for or rehearsed 

But just comes naturally 

As a very instinctual thing 

And to all that the poetic brings 

Just kidnapping the artist 

And placing them in a lyrical forest 

For poetry is never a bother 

To even the direst of poets 

Writing and penning 

With words and lines growing 

To approach from a standpoint 

Of one day becoming  

A poet laureate 

And having always in their mind 

That poetry isn’t through with me yet 

Nor am I done with it 

For as a poet 

You have taken on the power of words 

For the whole world’s benefit 

And not just your own 

For the poetical place 

Is where you call home 

With a rather sustained satisfaction 

Exercising this brief moment 

To display and convey your caption 


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