When It’s All Over



You know when it’s over

When respect has left the building

And after their attempts

You find yourself no longer yielding

But feeling more contempt

Than anything else

Speaking harsh words

With an overly aggressive tone

Which doesn’t bring out your best

That sends chills down to the bone

And wanting to be left alone

But hold the phone

When the feeling has gone

Feeling emptied out

And has become senseless and dramatic

Is what it’s all about

Because there is nothing left

Except for only looking out for self

Because being around them

You cannot even get rest

Nor have any peace

As the fighting and bickering

Continues to increase

When long ago this should’ve ceased

Screaming matches that go nowhere

For everything is a competition

And a debate but wait

So much damage has been done

That it’s just too late

Due to the present condition

That has been building over time

And to do or try anything more

Is unnecessary

So, it’s time for one of us

To walk out the door

Because love no longer lives here anymore

It used to be

But then up and disappeared

So, what we have right here

Is a failure to communicate

Staying in something

That not one person

Has any stake in anymore

We fell we fall

And talking to each other

Is like talking to a brick wall

Feelings no longer considered

And real love is no longer rendered

Now completely hindered

And nothing to pull from

Because there is nothing left at the center

To keep this going

For we have become stagnated

And checkmated

So, there is no more growing

Finding self-ignoring them

And not even speaking or looking at them

When they come around

Time to bury this

And stick it into the ground

Six feet under

Because unfortunately

This has become a colossal blunder

And no wonder

Not one soul even ponders

The very idea of staying anymore

For like I said

It’s time to close the book on this

And shut the door behind you

For all of the signs and clues

Are all present right before

Both of you

So, what you both choose to do

Beyond this situation

Is entirely up to you

Cause the place for two

No longer exists

Time to go solo

And move away from this

Because it has become exhausting

And you both have checked off your list

Of things that states it’s time to go

This cannot be salvaged nor managed


Because being here any further

Just makes you feel older

For the time is near and has come

And all signs point to

When you know it’s all over



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