Flood Gates


Make no mistake
There will be no escape
When the time comes
And after all is said and done
To stand and face
And hearing the panic alarm
When the inevitable judgement day
Recalls all
From the time of death
Ever since we’ve been born




One day

The events and affairs of this world

Will flow and roll over most

Because one day

The Creator will have enough

Because all of this is in the notes

And remembered forever

For we as people

Must get it together

And stop trying to be sneaky and clever

So, you can ready yourself

For the real stormy weather

That will only happen with real prep

Along with good hearted intentions

Lined with righteous endeavors

And choosing unity over division

For the provisions thereof

Will come from above

And I hope at that time

That there is way less evil and hate

And much peace and love

But who I am kidding

Because I doubt realistically

People will ever completely change

Up until the point

That they have no other choice

For those that truly know

Have initiated certain actions

And formed various factions

But the one thing that they we have

All in common

Is they will have used their voice

For this is not up for a debate

Repent before it’s too late

That just sit around and wait

Until the very last minute

To correct and ask forgiveness

For all mistakes

Because the bottom line here is

The vast majority of people

Will be very unprepared

From the opening of

The flood gates


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