Untold feelings and thoughts 

And unspoken words 

That were never brought 

To the surface 

Stories that never had a chance 

To be told 

Yet channeling desires inside 

That are daring and bold 

The wants and needs of life 

That aren’t always granted 

Drowning in wishful thinking 

And runaway dreams 

With shadows of self 

As the culprit and bandit 

With movement so rampant 

Deeply felt but remains unseen 

Wanting to take a voyage 

But no wind has filled 

The very sails 

That would normally propel 

To get you there 

And holding still in place 

As if riding on rails 

Hold up in silence 

Of a solo occupied space 

And desiring a mere sample 

Instead of the full taste 

But the mind continues to race 

And your heart beats with a rapid pace 

All while being displayed 

Upon your face 

And in this case 

You find yourself 

At this very moment in time 

Trying to find a way 

So that you can be able 

To cross that line 

When the chance finally arrives 

And anyone that’s close with view 

Will be able to see the truth  

In your deep eyes 

From the very vibe 

That constantly surrounds you 

And a fire within 

That is smoking from where it grew 

And very much attached to you 

With no intent of becoming frozen 

For one day the pressure will release

And on that same token 

Began to speak the things 

Into existence that were once 



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