A Poem By Any Other Name



As I

Sit and gather my thoughts

With each title

Thinking about many words

Subjects and verbs

And whether or not

They should be read or even heard

As the very next one may rival

Writing up new pieces of art

As I

Contemplate its delivery

With a tendency

And the propensity

Very regularly

Embarking on the literary

Throughout this poetic journey

And totally submitting to

My proclivity

Constantly leaning towards impartiality

As I

Navigate through this life

Among so much duality

Walking and presenting myself

As an anomaly

Steadily and readily

Surrounding myself with this world

And all of its warped reality

Yet writing about all of its exploits

From the coldness and cruelty

That I see around me

Always and concurrently

While I

Sometimes and oftentimes

Realize and familiarize

Magnetize and strategize

Between the wrong and right

Walking contrary against the darkness

And in hindsight

Being the very transparent bulb

With an unlimited light

Putting the world on notice

Through my poetry

And be the very water

That grows the lotus permanently

From an artistic compliance

And continue to forge an alliance

Between me and poetry

Being very allusive but never elusive

Giving you all the exclusive

Even though as an artist

I live and often choose the reclusive

Solitary if you will

As I enjoy the comforts of sweet silence

And constant quiet

All while laying very still

Kiss and seal

Each poetic reveal

Notwithstanding but steady branding

The release of another masterpiece

And never to escape the intellectual

Not succumbing to the unsusceptible

Or the unacceptable

But rather harness the sustainable

And turn this consistently into the incredible

For I can’t wait

Never negate

And won’t allow for distraction

As I

Always have a fiery reaction

And a complete passion

The infatuation and mere attraction

Admiration and satisfaction

As I

Contemplate and negotiate

The unpredictable

Live and breathe the unforeseen

All while thinking critical

And deem this necessary

No rhetoric or hyperbole

Just the metaphoric and lyrically

As I

Can’t stop

Always thinking and residing outside of the box

So, stay out of my way

And go kick rocks

If you have any plans or intentions

Of keeping me from reaching the top

And embrace the unorthodox

But never display the paradox

As I

Strive and thrive

To detoxify the world around

Yet strongly and diligently

Intensify the poetic grounds

As I

Take a firm stance upon

The poetical and artistic mounds

Being ever so realistic

Yet so simplistic

In the science of it all

As I and poetry

Affords me the pleasure and luxury

Absolutely and totally be able

To stand tall

Before one and all

With the very mission

Under poetic conditions

That will be perceived and received

Greatly and be

The definition of enthralled

And always down for the cause

Just given a real chance

So that my artwork will remain

For this is my poem to the world

By any other name



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