Art Is



Art is art

Art is where we as individuals

Can stand apart

And show what you’re made of

Expressing yourself in ways

That may soar well above

The rest of the world

Standing out and reaching out

To all whom reside here

Art is where the artist’s

Thoughts and soul

Spill into the atmosphere

Moving in all directions

Allowing unique ways

For people to intersect

And for the artist to show

But leave behind the very best self

For you believe that an artist

Is passionate and in a world of their own

You would be correct

For art and the artist

Bond and collaborate together

Within every moment in time

And leaving a legacy

That will help change lives

For art is the application

Of human creative skill and imagination

Seen and absorbed with every creation

Art is what it is

Don’t take it and mistake it

For anything else but what it is

Always open to interpretation

It’s produced to garner and gather

And command much respect and appreciation

Hopes to inspire and be a beacon

For admiration and personal expression

Poised with beauty and emotional energy

That will send out waves in every direction

A unique essence and power from artwork

That’s mostly distinct yet primarily

Seen through various branches

Of artistic ability with an individuality

Subjective and suggestive

With vast renderings

For art will truly be

Exactly what it always is

And being a major and vital part

Of the artist’s life

A passion and fire

That will never die out

For as an artist

You know and breathe

What it’s all about

And one of the many reasons

That an artist shares and gives

And also lives

For art is

For art is



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