Nothing Comes Close



Speak what I spoke

Write what I wrote

No indication

Or variation

To me

Even comes close

With a unique blend

Of lines and words

That continues to reoccur

And concur with poetry

Won’t degrade it

Shake it

Never understated

To rescue and save it

For many generations to see

Not discreet

Or meant to defeat

But greet

With a treat

A daring feat

That sinks in and links

No retreat

Much strength

Plunging in with both feet

That all will see

And be

The ray of hope

That the whole world needs

As it repeats

Playing over and over again

Inside of my mind

Putting all out

On the line

Never once fell behind

And making good use of my time

Coming with fire and sparks

The very epitome

Of the lyrical and literary

Emerging from complex rhymes

For when things go dark

I turn on the bright lights

As I embark on this poetic journey

That has always felt right

And nothing nice

Nothing cold

Ever so bold

And not to be undersold

Cause I’m on a roll

With countless works of art

Still yet to show

And become shared and exposed

As my words and lines unfold

Deeper messages and meanings

With every opening and greeting

So welcome to my poetry

For this is only the beginning

Burn into memories

From what you’ll experience

A variance of this art form

Has bypassed the norm

Will keep you warm

From what you will read

As I feel the need

To display this art

So that you can adorn

All while continuing to be

A quiet storm

To toast



And be one of the antidotes

For the world to see

And to inject a large dose

Coming straight from me

An alliance

A science

Words of wisdom

With some guidance

If you just try it on

And take it on

Absorbing and embracing

My artistic works

Wrapped in a unique casing

And insert into your hearts and minds

For all time

Here to witness me take flight

And lift off

With poetry both strong and soft

All while stirring the fire

That I so desire

To set a further blaze to

Because poetry and I

Are definitely not through

Because there is much more

To share with all of you

As the thoughts as words

Continue to accrue

And taken in through all senses

For the main consensus

From always being on my toes

Will see this as receiving

A single stem rose

For who knows

Just how far this will go




And grow

Reaching other levels

For those in the know

That are familiar with my work

As it will show

And now it’s time

To bring this to a close

The continue being the one poet

That never froze

And sent out poems in droves

Speak what I spoke

Write what I wrote

A very unique style and brand

Of poetry that to me

Rivals and revel

With a specific originality

That strikes a pose

At this level

As nothing else comes close


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