Pulling words out of the air 

And out of my mind 

All while adjusting 

And discussing with self 

What the next one will be 

On my poetic grind 

So, stick around 

Because you will see 

Through much passion and care 

Bravery mixed with dare 

For poetry is my second home 

And I want to be there 

Hard pressed to share 

As I 

Send my works and pieces 

Right where 

They need to be 

And on a poetic spree 

And hoping to fair well 

As I 

Feel so compelled  

To do this forever 

As I 

Take and complete this journey 

Of a poetic endeavor 

Stylistic and clever 

Realistic and reaching 

Much higher levels 

Respected and admired 

For this is my prestige 

Both in the air and over the seas 

As poetry provokes and motivates me 

As it coats and just continues 

To move and groove with me 

Fascinate and capture me 


Not regulated 

And infatuates me 

Upon many various degrees 

Embracing the facets of its destiny 

And seeing me through 

Shows itself and proves 

Itself to all 

As I 

Tend to recall 

The legends before me 

That left behind blueprints 

Of their legacies 

As I 

Studied all of the intricacies 

As they tend to capture and entice me 

Leaving their mark and seal 

On the world 

For all to read and see 

And be a witness 

To astounding poetry 

As I 

Aim to become and be 

Another poet that left behind 

A fascinating legacy 

For you will remember me 

Well after the Creator 

Takes me from this Earth 

Infusing me with this talent and skill 

Since the first day of my birth 

Such a gift and never a curse 

Naturally possessed 

So, no training nor rehearsed 

As I 

Continue to disperse 

My work each and everyday 

Because once I got a taste 

For poetry 

It has since merged and bonded with me 

The very atlas 

Securing status 

With clout 

That stands out 

Tallies and rallies 

Around me 

For who knows 

How many kudos 

I will receive and take place 

Each time that I breathe 

And continue to repeat 

With much credibility 

That will roam the streets 

As I  

Jumped into this with both feet 

And allowed myself to be guided 

Revving me up and moving quickly 

So never stuck in idle obviously 

And being the very pulse and heartbeat 

That comprises me 

Value it and captured 

Bringing me much stature 

Along many factors 

As it came and never went 

For the next poetic piece 

Is eminent 

Any night or day 

Written across my face 

In every which way 

The very neat and organized case 

That I display and convey 

With and without words 

For this I guarantee 

Will occur 

And spawn many more 

As I 

Glance out of my window 

And walk out of the door 

My unique allegory 

Just radiating at the core 

And can always be traced 

Back to me 

And laid out upon 

A silver tray 

And be as it may 

The art that expressed 

What I feel and say 

For this is only the beginning 

Of my cachet 




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