Summer Heat



Now spring has come and gone

With new growth and colors

That it passed along

For the next cycle and season up

Goes to the summer heat

For it has arrived

And we can’t get enough

Of the sun and clouds

Causing many smiles

At the start of each day

Wandering and pondering over decisions

On how to go out and play

And enjoy these warm days

In various ways

For we just may

Stay in place

Or take a vacation

As this hot season is an indication

Of things to come

All that will be accomplished and done

Or just enjoying it for mere pleasure and fun

But beware of the heat

It can both put us down

Or be such a treat

The glare and rays

Just penetrating the lands and waters

As most would say

And choose to stay in

Or be engulfed in it deeply

Whether directly or in some shade

On the grass or sand

Or in some water somewhere

Cause no matter where you go

You’ll do your best

To enjoy it there

And during these months

Many things will be on repeat

As we chill and relax to

The summer heat



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