Poetry On The Rise



I am a poet

And will always show it

Taking poetry and growing it

From its vast intricacies

Yet always knowing it

Looking constantly towards it

Writings constantly forward

Keeping it very much alive and real

And never purported

As my very works reported

And never through

The depths and noise of the world

Do my thoughts of it ever get distorted

As I feel this so deeply inside

Taking up every space within my mind

And sending out poetic vibes

That over time

Fall in line



Thrive and survive

Grind and never hide

As I seek it and it finds

Me going after it

Writing line by line

And persistent

With an accuracy and well thought out

Consistency that continues to be me

The very words of the recipe

That is my choice

A singledout voice

Placed into words

Even spoken word

That no one has ever heard

The subject to the verb

The brilliant and not absurd

In a world that through these powerful words

I seek to capture and disturb

And tear the very fabric of reality

Yet shatter and scatter

The negative and darkness

Through the literary

For this art form knows no norm

For I am the quiet storm

The epitome of poetry

And spitting lyrically

Yet passionately for all to see

Read and hear

Show up on many occasions

And then disappear

Into an oasis

As me and poetry

Have become the binary

So, excuse me

As I take to the sky

And soar the atmosphere

While holding and possessing this art

That I hold most dear

For I am here

And on a mission

Doing this well

And under no preexisting conditions

All while rendering many renditions

Coming up with even more inventions

Through my poetic thoughts and imagination

Creativity mixed with grand illustrations

And sending shockwaves out

To every country and nation

As to gather and grasp all locations

With the gravity of this poetical situation

Critical and radical thinking

And doing so constantly

Without ever blinking

Or with no hesitation

To push this fire among all

From what I created

To never fall off

Nor ever escape it

To problem solve


An anomaly but never odd

The best of me

With a rapid pulse that throbs

And a steady heartbeat

That can be heard and felt

Throughout these streets

Jumped in with both feet

Poetic distribution with a purpose

And not an easy feat

Sharing this art around

As poetry and I

Can always be found

Instead of being discreet

Alive and well

Yet strong as concrete

With a fight that all will be able to tell

As I feel so compelled

To just display it all out there

Moving forward only

And no rewind

At hare speed and never slowly

Each and every time

And to let my light shine

All the while

Changing many frowns into smiles

And to leave a legacy behind

Being remembered for smooth and silky lines

Written words that enhanced and not paralyzed

Peaceful vibes sent out with much surprise

And most will come to realize

Leaving this world with my works

That gathered much love and never despised

And just as certain as I have brown eyes

To be a poet known for pushing the envelope

And warping constantly

As the starship enterprise

Through every poetic section

That knows no limits or boundaries

While heading in every direction

As I constantly defied

For this poet right here presently

Is all out in the open

But written and spoken

And under no disguise

As I

Reached for the sky

And also rolled against

Many highways and byways

Along with countless intersections

And crossing many bold lines

With an injection

That forced the pulse

Of the unique art of poetry to rise



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